Adriana Terrádez, CEO of BioSequence, appears on TV at “Emprende RTVE”
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On Thursday the CEO of BioSequence, Adriana Terradez, was invited to the program of the Spanish TV “Emprende”, in which she talked about how BioSequence bring close to the Spanish clinical practice the latest international advances in personalized oncology, such as genomic studies of the tumor that allow us to find the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

During the interview Adriana highlighted that “our greatest success is helping patients, when we see that actually a patient who has performed a genomic study of their tumor have found a treatment that could respond, and effectively the patient has responded, to us is the greatest satisfaction. ”

Finally he remarked the effort that it is being made to try to reach agreements with insurance companies and the public healthcare because BioSequence main goal is that genomic studies can be available for all cancer patients.

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