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OncoDNA is the first company in Europe to provide the latest DNA sequencing technologies for personalized medicine in oncology.

Based in Belgium, OncoDNA has over 60 years experience in medical diagnosis and is formed by a team of experts in DNA sequencing and genetic diagnosis in oncology. OncoDNA is affiliated with the IPG (Institute of Pathology and Genetics) Belgian company.

BioSequence distributes the OncoDNA studies exclusively for Spain.

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Baylor Miraca Genetics (BCM) 

An excellent medical and geneticist team made up of members from the Molecular and Human Genetics Department, the Hematology Department and the Oncology Division, the Pathology Department, the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center at the Baylor College of Medicine and the Texas Children’s Hospital Pathology Laboratory.

Baylor College of Medicine has more than 30 years experience in genetic medical diagnostics.

Baylor College of Medicine is leader in sequencing technologies in the personalized medicine field

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Team of scientists and oncologists highly experienced in clinical interpretation of genomic results.

N-of-One’s solutions are designed with one goal in mind—to streamline access to relevant leading-edge molecular-targeted knowledge, diagnostics, treatments, clinical trials, and other resources matched to each cancer patient’s specific tumor type and molecular profile. N-of-One has reached a major industry milestone, interpreting its 4,000th tumor from next-generation sequencing and other molecular diagnostic platforms.

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