About BioSequence...


We help provide a personalized oncological diagnostics service through genetic testing. We study each patient case to offer solutions that adapt to their individual characteristics by improving the efficacy of their treatments and by minimizing adverse effects.

Our objective is to help find the most suitable genetic test for each patient in a cost-effective manner. To this end, we employ the latest genomic technologies that help us identify the molecular cause and to propose the best oncological treatment.

What do our services include?

  • Clinical report with analysis and interpretation of the results (predictive, prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers).
  • Genetic counseling.
  • Conference call to discuss cases.
  • Information about the clinical trials underway and which are more suitable for the patient according to mutation type.

Applicatons and utility

Our reports

oncoshare-app 2

BioSequence offers clinically relevant information from its genomic tests. That’s why we have been able to change the treatment strategy of 67% of the patients that we have analyzed.

We provide a comprehensive report integrated in our interactive platform ONCOSHARE with the detected genetic variants and its relation to cancer treatments and clinical trials. This information has been evaluated by experts within the field, so it’s an unvaluable tool which improves clinical decisions based on each individual tumor knowledge.