Alicia was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2015. Watch the video and discover how our solution OncoDEEP helped her oncologist, Dr. Carlos Camps,, MD, PhD and Head of Medical Oncology and Laboratory of Molecular Oncology at University General Hospital of Valencia, to find the best treatment. Now, she lives completely normally and she can do exactly the same things she did before.

It is truly difficult to express in words what I felt when I was told my cancer had a specific and targeted therapy and I also avoiding the grueling chemo. It was like a breath of fresh air after so many days in a dark hole and now after the first results  a great joy because they have been very positive and that makes me keep fighting in a more positive way. Also I am so good and so well tolerating the treatment that sometimes I forget that I’m sick. A few months ago it seemed impossible. Thank you so much for everything.

The OncoDEEP test revealed a mutation that causes my chemo resistance. Now my doctor will look for other alternatives.

The fact that my oncologist has recommended me the BioSequence’s test, has made me realize that he is doing everything possible to understand and manage my illness.
My breast cancer has a mutation that usually appears in lung cancer, so my oncologist is giving me a treatment that he had never thought about. And it’s working!
The BioSequence’s team have given me an exceptional treatment, worrying all the time for me and helping me find solutions. I can not speak better about these great professionals!
BioSequence referred me to an oncologist for a second opinion and to help me to interpret the results of my BioSequence analysis. Everything has been very easy.
Who would have told me a year ago that such scientific advances would be available for me? Thanks to BioSequence we don’t need to travel outside. We saved time, money and travels.


Hi! I’m one of the patients to whom they are going to conduct the study (that I couldn’t afford on my own) thanks to your donations. Thanks, thanks, thanks with all my heart to all of you who have made this possible! Paula Hermo, 32 years old (triple negative breast cancer)/testimonials]

How to explain the day that you called me to carry out the genomic study of my tumor? It was as if I had won the lottery!

I want to thank in first place, the care provided by your staff, that always have understood all of my delays in the in sending of documentation and for giving me the opportunity to learn more about the tumor that affects me from three years ago. In fact, giving this type of cancer, it should be more the research to be perform, not only to find suitable treatment for each case, but also to really know what they are about, the idea we have of them is very vague.

After all, I’m almost forty years old, I have enjoyed the life, I’m still enjoying it day by day and I would like to follow doing it for my family and above all for my son, but every time I hear about a kid with sarcoma or any other type of cancer that hasn’t found a solution for the disease, I can stop thinking that something is wrong. They are the future, and in this case seems that a more comprehensive study, should be enforced by the health authorities.

Again, thank you for this opportunity, which can not access all for economic reasons and, with all my heart, I hope you can continue to work as you do, because you give us hope that many have lost.- Paloma Garrido, 39 years old (Leiomiosarcoma)

Our whole family would like to thank all the people involved that have made possible that cancer patients as Sonia can access to a genomic tumoral analysis, that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. This analysis can open us new treatment options.

Eternally grateful – Sonia Beltrán, 43 years old (Liposarcoma)

We want to say a big thank you from a patient that show us her gratefulness hundreds of times when she knew that we were going to study her tumor. This patient was extremely fighter and she lived more than 10 years with this disease. In spite of have donde everything possible for fer and discover a new therapeutic alternative thanks to the genomic study of her tumor she didn’t make it to receive the treatment. That’s why we wanted to share her story, to let every patient know that this is a fight against time, and there’s no need to wait until the end to find other options and strategies, we must act fast- Esther Delgado, 47 years old (Resistant breast cancer)