Specialists’ experiences

Alicia was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2015. Watch the video and discover how our solution OncoDEEP helped her oncologist, Dr. Carlos Camps,, MD, PhD and Head of Medical Oncology and Laboratory of Molecular Oncology at University General Hospital of Valencia, to find the best treatment. Now, she lives completely normally and she can do exactly the same things she did before.

‘’All the main oncogenes and suppressor genes in a single test and in a minimum response time’’.

‘’This is the coolest method ever! I still cannot believe that it was possible to multiplex to such a high level, and to generate data so quickly across so many genes’’.

‘’…this new technology has shown promising results allowing detection of KRAS and EGFR alterations in colon and lung cancer samples preserved in a simple blood test (liquid biopsy)’’.

‘’Working with BioSequence is easy and fast. They handle everything with maximum efficiency’’.