Prof. Jesús Garcia-Foncillas, MD PhD

Scientific Coordinator  of BioSequence

Professor Jesús García-Foncillas López is the Scientific Coordinator of BioSequence and Director of the Cancer Institute that includes “Fundación Jiménez Díaz” University Hospital, “Rey Juan Carlos” University Hospital, “Infanta Elena” University Hospital and Villalba Hospital. Jesus Garcia-Foncillas is also the Director of the Department of Oncology at the University Hospital “Fundacion Jimenez Diaz” (Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain). He combines this with the role of Director of the Translational Oncology Division at the Health Research Institute FJD-UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain).

Prof Garcia-Foncillas obtained his MD from the School of Medicine, University of Zaragoza (Zaragoza, Spain) and was awarded PhD from the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain). Later he completed his research training in Nebraska and Houston. During his professional career Prof. Garcia-Foncillas has directed the Oncology Department and the Clinic Genetic Unit  in the Clinic of the University of Navarra as well as the laboratory of Pharmacogenetics of the Applied Medical Research Center of the same university. Prof García-Foncillas has also been Professor of CSIC’s MSc in Biotechnology.


In the last years Prof. Garcia-Foncillas has directed his scientific endeavors towards applying basic research to cancer diagnosis and treatment, specializing on the development and innovation of new diagnostic technologies based on NGS of DNA, on the research of  pronostic and predictive biomarkers to control the response to a treatment (allowing a personalized selection of the treatment), on the development of new drugs in initial phases (phase-0 and phase-1) as well as the molecular analysis that allows to identify the subtypes of patients that can profit the most.

Prof. Jesus Garcia Foncillas defends the axiom of BioSequence: “One treatment for each patient with the most efficient drug in the correct dosis and in the right time to achieve maximum efficacy with minimal toxicity“.

Prof. Garcia-Foncillas has held several positions both nationally and internationally, such as President of the Tenth National Congress sponsored by the Spanish Cancer Research Association, co-coordinator of the Genomics and Proteomics Program at the Network of Cancer Centers (Carlos III Health Institute); Board Member for the Spanish Group on Hereditary Cancer, Board Member for the Spanish Federation of Oncology Associations (FESEO). Furthermore, he is a correspondent academician for the Royal Spanish Academy since 1998 and Honorary Member of the Mexican Oncology Association since 2005. Additionally, Prof. Garcia-Foncillas is trustee of the Olga Torres Foundation, Salud 2000 Foundation and Foundation for the Excellence and Quality in Oncology (ECO). Currently, he is the President of the V Meeting of the Spanish Society of Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics and President of the Mediterranean Oncology Society (MOS) from 2011. He has been the Vice-President for the National Medical Oncology Commission, Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs Council on Medical Specialties from 2007 to 2014. He has written more than 160 articles at PubMed and he is author of many books focused on cancer.

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