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You are unique and so is your tumor”

All people have genes that make us unique and tumors have them too. When a person develops cancer it is produced alterations in genes of some of our cells that make them grow abnormally, forming tumors.  In some cases tumors remain localized at a point of the body, in other cases, the tumor extends or metastasizes to other body parts. Understanding these changes allows us to understand how it behaves and why tumor evolves and responds differently to different treatments.


Knowing these changes provides information on the biology of the tumor to know how to attack it” 

Studying the medical history of each patient, deeply analyzing cancer-related genes and studying any alteration related with sensitivity and resistance to drugs that may be effective in each patient (including chemotherapy) is the way we get a better understanding of cancer, providing patients with a more personalized and efficient weapon to fight the disease.

BioSequence provides genomic studies that allow to personalize and expand treatment options for patients with cancer”

From BioSequence we approach the latest advances in oncology to patients with cancer and that’s why we select genomic studies of greater clinical utility that are able to change and improve their treatment. We adapt the study to each type of tumor, always looking for maximum clinical utility for the patient. We use the latest technologies of analysis and interpretation, and we surround ourselves with the best specialists and professionals.

Therefore we collaborate with international reference laboratories as OncoDNA (Belgium) and hospitals throughout Spain to offer all the latest innovations and improve treatment of the disease.

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