The BioSeq ORIGIN assay (CancerTYPE ID®) is a real time RT-PCR assay of 92 genes (87 tumor-associated genes and 5 reference genes).

Total RNA is isolated and analyzed being compared to a previously built tumor gene expression data set encompassing 30 tumor types and 54 tumor subtypes. The bioTheranostics’ proprietary algorithm generates a report indicating the most likely cancer type and histological subtype. Importantly, the algorithm also assigns a probability for each classification result, which is a measure of the confidence level for the result.


BioSeq ORIGIN guided, confirmed diagnosis or changed the primary tumor site for 85% of evaluable cases

  • Clinical value for oncologists
    • In a recent physician survey of clinical strategy, BioSeq ORIGIN guided, confirmed or changed the primary tumor site in 85% of squamous cell lung cancer cases and the tumor subtype in 60% of squamous cell lung cancer cases.

  • Case study examples

* McGee R, et al. Molecular tumor classification using a 92-gene assay in the differential diagnosis of squamous cell lung cancer. Community Oncol 2011; 8:123-131