Why do a genomic study of the tumor?
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One of our patients wanted to share with all of us her experience. Alicia was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and before she started receiving the chemotherapy that had scheduled, contact us and we recommended a genomic study of the tumor. Thanks to the study we detected a condition that allowed her to receive the targeted drug Crizotinib, with which is currently being treated:

“It is truly difficult to express in words what I felt when I was told my cancer had a specific and targeted therapy and I also avoiding the grueling chemo. It was like a breath of fresh air after so many days in a dark hole and now after the first results  a great joy because they have been very positive and that makes me keep fighting in a more positive way. Also I am so good and so well tolerating the treatment that sometimes I forget that I’m sick. A few months ago it seemed impossible. Thank you so much for everything.”

Thank you Alicia!

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